Upgraded Website and A New Service

We have been working extremely hard on our website and it’s time to unveil it to all of you. As a digital marketing firm there is an importance of us constantly updating the work that we do. We chose WordPress because that is a majority of the sites we build due to their ease of functionality, making changes and extreme versatility. Please pay close attention to the “Our Work” page, which focuses on a variety of sites built and logos that we’ve designed. Another page that we updated was “What We Do” as we have added a new service.


In other exciting news, we have added Public Relations to our scope of work. With the addition of PR we feel we have all the tools necessary to bring your company to the forefront of the online presence that it desires.


Call us today if you have any questions or are curious as to how these services can help you and your business.


We’ve Added Public Relations To Our List of Services


As a digital marketing agency we pride ourselves on making our clients businesses visible online. This can be done utilizing a variety of platforms including social media sites, blogging, email marketing, promotional materials and optimizing your website. When all of these platforms work together it can make all the difference in the world in the success of your campaign efforts. As many of you know when searching Google and other search engines like Bing you want to find what you’re looking for typically of the first couple of pages. Blogging regularly and utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) will prevent your site from becoming stagnant and increase your site’s page ranking results.  If content on the pages of your website and blog is written with specific key terms and search phrases in mind, that will increase the effectiveness even more.


As stated before our key is to make you visible which is why we’ve decided to increase our services by now offering Public Relations. Whether you are looking for local or national exposure we now have the capabilities to help you with the following:


–   Press Releases, Calendar Listings and Media Alerts

–   Media Coverage (Print, TV, Radio and Online)

–   Media Training

–   Onsite and Online Events and Interviews

–   Community Outreach


We feel strongly that with the addition of PR it completes our list of services as a “one stop” complete digital marketing firm. If you should have any questions on how PR would benefit you or your company don’t hesitate to call or email us to learn more.

Nutrasumma Spokesperson to Compete in Spike TV Reality Series

Phoenix, AZ – Nutrasumma is proud to announce the Spike TV debut of its spokesperson, Brendan Tierney, on the new reality series, “Fight Master: Bellator MMA.”  Airing Wednesday, June 19th at 10pm/9c, the show brings together thirty-two of the world’s best welterweight fighters as they compete for a spot in the Bellator MMA Tournament and $100,000.


Raised in Queens, New York, Tierney served in the U.S. Navy for eight years before beginning to train in MMA in 2000, and fighting professionally in 2006.  Seeing it as a great opportunity for exposure, he jumped at the chance to interview for the reality show in December 2012.  His military background, dance and modeling experience, age, and fight record of 10-4, none of which went to decision, set him apart from more than 10,000 eager applicants.


While his extensive training is a key factor in his success thus far, Tierney contributes much of his success to a proper diet and nutritional supplements.  Three years ago, he received a wake-up call from one of his coaches who informed him that what Tierney thought was a healthy diet, was actually far from it.


“My diet has been an interesting journey,” said Tierney.  “I never really gave much thought to what was really good and bad.  I just assumed if it said it was healthy on the label, it must be.”


Since, he has removed gluten, dairy, and all processed foods from his daily intake.


“Now that I’ve eliminated these negatives from my diet, my weight has evened out, my energy levels have improved, and my understanding of overall health has, and will continue to, improve my life,” said Tierney


After his coach introduced him to pea protein, Tierney quickly realized how vital it was in his day-to-day life, allowing him to maintain his energy and weight.


In search of new products, Tierney caught wind of Nutrasumma.  He now uses Nutra Summa’s various pea proteins, “Greens,” zinc magnesium aspartate (ZMA), and cod liver oil.  He raves about the quality of their products, using fifteen of them daily and always finding a spot for new products in his regimen.  However, it’s not only their products that he’s impressed with.


“Their standards and philosophy locked me in,” he said.  “By taking Nutra Summa’s products, it has improved my life as an athlete and opened my eyes to the value of integrity within the supplement world.”


Help support Tierney in his quest to victory starting Wednesday, June 19th at 10pm/9c on Spike TV and follow him on Twitter through  @Tiny_Shorts.



FB Cover_4


Established in 2010, Nutrasumma is a nutraceutical company specializing in developing independent lab-tested health supplements manufactured and distributed in the U.S.

Nutrasumma backs this commitment with a research team comprised of doctors, pharmacists and researchers as well as a registered pharmacist available on staff to provide more information to customers on its products.

For more information please visit www.nutrasumma.com or call 1-866-866-3993.

Our Newest Client @NutraSumma ‘s Spokesperson will be Fighting on @SpikeTV

Brendan Tierney

Brendan Tierney, Community Awareness Specialist and official spokesperson for Nutrasumma, will be fighting on SpikeTV and Bellator’s MMA first season of Fight Master. It will air Wednesday June 19th, 10/9c on Spike TV.  He was informed that SpikeTV was having interviews for this back in December of 2012 and he thought it would be a great opportunity. The best part about this was they had over 10,000 applicants and he made it the final 32. It was definitely a tough competition to get selected but Brendan felt that the following attributes helped him the most. He’s a military veteran, has previous modeling experience, previous dance experience (specifically ballet), he’s 38 and the average age of others were low-mid 20’s, his record in previous fights are 10-4 and none of his fights went to a decision.


He started training for MMA in 2000 and his first fight was August of 2006. His training centered on the many facets of Mixed Martial Arts:


  • Striking – boxing and kickboxing.
  • Wrestling – positional awareness, angles, takedowns and takedown defense.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)/submission grappling.
  • Strength and conditioning.
  • Diet and supplements, etc.


As much as the above training was key for him none of this would be possible without a proper diet and supplements. Until three years ago he never felt like his diet was poor but that quickly changed. He was drinking a gallon of milk every three days, consuming bagels, sandwiches with lots of processed meats, microwaveable foods and chicken mac and cheese which was his daughter’s favorite thus his too. He also ate out regularly. His fluid intake included sports drinks that were loaded with sugar and alcohol 2-3 times a week.  Brenden met with his wrestling coach who got on him about his diet and he was quickly made aware of what he should eat and drink versus what he was.  He now steers away from gluten, all processed foods and dairy.


As much as the diet was key for his performance so were the supplements he is now taking. Pea Protein had been brought up several times to him; however, he was unaware of the positive impact it would have on him and did not see the value until recently. After using NutraSumma’s Pea Protein, his weight became more consistent, which is key to him maintaining energy levels and performance in a sport based on weight classes. After enjoying the benefits of the Pea Protein he was eager to see all the products that they offer to add value to his efforts.


We hope you watch his performance on June 19th.

Good Luck Brendan!!!



AMG’s Upcoming Charity Events

Giving back to the community that I live in and causes that are close to home has always been a mission I wanted to incorporate into my life…. And now I’m lucky enough to use my business as a vehicle to help even more!

While large charity umbrellas are important, I LOVE to support LOCAL CHARITABLE CAUSES so everyone can see the faces, paws and causes that they are helping firsthand.Below is a list of some of the upcoming events AMG is helping with to raise money for LOCAL CHARITIES!



Join us at Horses Help Ranch for an Easter Egg Hunt, Riding Demonstration, Pancake Breakfast, BBQ lunch and Fun For The Whole Family!

HORSES HELP is a premier accredited therapeutic and recreational agency that serves the special needs population by providing activities to empower them to break through physical, cognitive and emotional barriers using a unique collaboration of horses and people within Arizona’s “Valley of the Sun”






AMG is helping to send off Miss Arizona 2012 Erika Frantzve to the Miss USA Pageant in style… and Raise Money for Charity!

Erika is hosting a Send-Off Party to say thank you to all who have supported her AND to raise additional funds for her charitable platform, Everyday Heroes Like You.  For details on the party held at The W on April 26th, you can check out the Facebook Event created here. Would love to see everyone come out to Mix N Mingle with some very fashionable (and charitable) peeps while  helping to raise money for Erika’s own non-profit she started to help a variety of charitable causes. Her most notable charity, Everyday Heroes Like You, has a program called Johnny’s Locker that is definitely worth consideration when making your next tax deductible donation…


Everyday Heroes Like You, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that assists nonprofits throughout the country. Our vocation is to promote and propagate the “everyday heroes” in our communities that have a philanthropic desire to truly make a difference. Incorporated in 2007, Everyday Heroes Like You immediately took flight with numerous projects all over the country.  CEO and founder, Erika Frantzve, has made it her mission to live out her calling and touch the lives of others by promoting various charitable foundations.  Our passion is not limited to any specific category of charities, we support the “heroes” who strive to leave their fingerprints on the hearts and lives of others.







I have sat on the B&G Club of Metro Org Board for over 4 years now and have helped execute numerous fundraising events to benefit the Club Kids in need in the Phoenix area. The Big Event is our largest fundraiser of the year and by far has the greatest impact on our board members, the Clubs & Kids and on all the amazing community members that attend the event.


We are hosting the event in a bigger venue this year to accommodate all our growth… very exciting! We’ll have performances from the kids, amazing food vendors from all over the valley, great bar & liquor vendors, a silent auction & an exiting LIVE auction for those top dollar items.


The silent auction provides a HUGE source of revenue for this event, so if your business has any items that could be donated (tax deductible of course) we would greatly appreciate it! Anything from food/bar gift cards, hotel/spa stays & services, sports memorabilia & golf, wine tastings, fly away trips, events, and anything you could possibly think of! 

Please contact Lindsey Beres at lberes@aquarianmediagroup.com  if you have donation items. Get your tickets for the event here!








Rock Me Event’s is presenting Change 4 Kids again and we are proud to serve on the Board and assist with this great week fundraising mission!





This year Change 4 Kids is helping Cardon Children’s Medical Center by sponsoring a Toy Closet for which will supply toys to patients for 12 months


Are you up for the Challenge?

The 2012 Change-4-Kids Challenge is a 4 week contest in which Arizona businesses are Challenged to collect change and donations in competition with other businesses. The Challenge begins April 9th and runs through May 4th  with an awards reception in May. Change-4-Kids piggy banks will be distributed to each Challenger as a symbol of their participation. One person from each participating business will be the designated representative for that business and help with weekly collections. Weekly tally’s will be taken and announced so businesses can track where they are in the overall standing.


The winners of the Challenge will receive recognition by local media as well as receive awards and prizes at the Challenge reception. The designated representative of the Challenge Winner will receive the “Golden Pig” (Piggy Bank) award for leading their business to the top.





AMG is Hiring!

We’re looking for a new member of the AMG Crew! If you’re looking for a second job, way to connect with business owners or a supplement to your income, this may be for you! Check out our description and  contact us if you or someone you know is interested. 

Ride The Dougie Shoot

It was a success! No one got arrested by airport personnel, ran over by cars around the fountain or hit by any golf balls!

We’ve talked to all our clients about content lately. PICTURES and VIDEO TRUMP COPY EVERYDAY! If you do not have images and video for your website and/or social platforms, we highly recommend you get on that! It does not have to be a huge expense and can add so much to your online efforts. Photo editing is a very important part of finalizing the images you use so be sure you are working with a knowledgeable photographer. We have someone if you’re in the market….

Take a look at some of our behind the scenes photos of the shoot and stay tuned to see the final images on the website soon!


Thanks to AT Imagery, we were able to shoot at 4 different locations successfully! Definite thanks to Best Western Sun Dial for providing us the rooms and back drop for our early morning shoot. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Best-Western-Sundial/174925872525879?sk=wall. And thank you to all our wonderful models! You guys were troopers in the heat!

Event Marketing and Social Media Promotion

This past Friday was The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix’s Big Event. HUGE success! But one group of women I met there mentioned something interesting to me. I asked how they heard about the event. They said they actually didn’t find out until 2 days before from a phone call and has to rearrange their schedules to make it! Then one said something that has stuck with me over the weekend, “If it were on Facebook I would’ve seen it and planned better.”

Is social media effective in event planning?

Everyone knows how to post on Facebook about an event and invite their friends (hopefully by now you all do). But what about creating separate event pages for large events? Would that help? Do you think it would increase the awareness of the event at all?

Well we say YES, it would. From a business owner’s stand point or from someone who runs a fan page (for whatever purpose), you realize that there are people on there that you may not be personal friends with on your profile, however they LIKE your business and follow your posts. In that case, posting about the event on your business page would be a big benefit. But where do you direct them? If you set up a separate event page in advance, you can stock it full of photos from previous events, announce sponsors or auction items, bands or entertainment that would be there, etc. By having this event page, you can communicate with people who like the event from the actual BRAND holding the event, not an individual just asking their friends to come.

So in response to our mystery woman’s comment, yes it should have been on Facebook. That way you would’ve seen what you were in store for from last year’s photo albums and this year’s posts. Sorry Mystery Lady, we’ll get on that for The Big Event 2012. Awesome suggestion!

AMG Presents at Microsoft Store on Social Media

It was a SUCCESS! Thanks to all of those who came out to see Lindsey speak on social media at the Microsoft Store this past week. There were some interesting questions and great discussions. Some of the biggest points made:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA is NOT the “End All Be All” for your marketing plan. It should be a spoke on the wheel, not the entire wheel itself
  • In most cases, social media should not replace your website, rather redirect to it
  • “If You Build It, That Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come”… Users don’t just find you a like you, it requires efforts on the business side to go and FIND them
  • Yes, you should ALWAYS have a business fan page in addition to your person page. DO NOT promote your business in between personal posts
  • Social Media does aid in website SEO and ranking results. Businesses that have a page over those who do not will usually have better organic ranking results

Proud to Support NetworkingPhoenix.com

AMG is proud to provide Social Media Management (SMM) services to NetworkingPhoenix.com to assist in the promotion of their Quarterly Signature Events. Gelie, of NetworkingPhoenix.com, has been a staple in the Valley for years and we couldn’t be happier to work with her!

Details of the event are listed below. We hope to see all out AMG friends out at NetworkingPhoenix.com Signature Event.


LIKE NetworkingPhoenix.com on FB


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