SMC is a relatively new to market grocery item that was picked up in major big box stores such as Publix and Hy-Vee. Their Veteran owned and operated company quickly gained recognition nationwide causing SMC to seek out our social media management services. In 2 years they went from start up to a major NASCAR sponsor featured on the hood of Jamie McMurray’s car!

AMG was contracted to develop, design and manage SMC’s social media platforms. Part of this management included concept, creation and execution of national contests that result in data generation for re-marketing and local couponing for retailers selling their product.


  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • HTML
  • iframe
  • Facebook contest applications
  • Facebook ad execution
  • Email marketing

SMC went from zero social media engagement to a nation-wide presence with interactive contests, hastags and fans around the country. These promotional campaigns aided in onsite retail sales which increased their distribution nationwide.